NRSA – Road Trip Checklist for Post Covid-19 Travel

Road Trip Checklist for Post Covid-19 Travel

If Covid-19 restrictions and distancing measures have reminded us of anything in 2020, it’s how fortunate we are to live in such a great country and part of the world.  

One luxury we’re anticipating again is travel. While international travel bans won’t change for some time, regional or intra-state travel is now allowed, and all going well, state borders will soon reopen to allow interstate travel also!

Luckily for us, Australia’s magnificent countryside, forests, mountains, cities, country towns and unspoilt coastlines are well-worth seeing, so this is a great time to embrace the opportunity to explore and support our own country and communities as we, as a nation, recover from this pandemic.

On that note, many are eagerly planning epic road trip adventures in place of annual family Bali vacay’s – which of course includes bi-hourly roadside stop-offs, sightseeing, landmarks, kid-friendly accommodation, budget meals, right down to backseat entertainment and most importantly – snacks.

But while considering all of that, it’s easy to forget to look after what is possibly the most important part of your road trip – the piece of machinery that keeps you all safe and moving along the road in the first place… your car.

So, if you’re about to head off on a little car trip for the weekend, the day, or even just up the road to visit your inlaws, it’s worthwhile taking 10 minutes to give your car a quick once over, because nothing takes the fun out of a road trip like a breakdown. Or having to be towed.

Here are some things to check before you head off in case trouble does strike.

Car Road-trip Healthcheck

  • Ensure you have enough fuel, oil and radiator coolant.
  • Ensure your tyres are properly inflated to the recommended tyre pressure (psi) and have enough tread.
  • Check the spare wheel is secured and in good condition – ie. that it’s not the old, unrepaired tyre you swapped out last time you had a flat.
  • Ensure you also have a car jack and a wrench with the spare wheel
  • Other handy items you should have on hand are a working torch, gloves, and a cut of wood to secure the jack on soft or uneven ground.
  • Check and refill the windscreen washer water tank.
  • Check that the wipers and washers are working and cleaning correctly.
  • Ensure the fuel and temperature gauges are operating correctly.
  • Check under your vehicle for obvious leaks after being parked.
  • Make sure all your lights and indicators are working.
  • If towing a trailer or caravan, check the chains, couplings, sway bars, shackles, and lights are not damaged and in good working order.
  • Check your car’s service history to ensure one has been completed within a reasonable time frame or book it in before your trip.
  • Find your car’s spare key in case you lose the one you’re using.
  • Keep a large, full bottle of water on hand – especially if you’ll be travelling to some remote areas. 
  • Have the number for Newcastle Roadside Assist on hand in case you need a tow: 0477 004 159. We’re here for you 24/7.

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